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Advertising shoot for Lindt

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Very happy of this new work!

Photographed by me | Agency Cherries comunication |Stylist Ornella Rota | Hair and Make up Geraldine Mouton | Photographer assistant Valentina Lorenzi |Digital Assistant Tamara Mestriner  |




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Adele was looking at me, without moving. The decorations on the wall behind her were like a pair of wings.

Sometimes, when I’m working with kids, it feels like taking pictures of angels. That’s exactly what happened with Adele.

A flower among flowers

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A few weeks ago all the trees around here were blooming. Looking at them I’ve always thought that it would be nice to take pictures of a little girl immersed in those scented clouds.

Days went by and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find the time to fulfill that simple dream before the blossom was over. One day when I was walking at the park I saw a girl and I asked her father if I could take some photos of the kid. When I feel inspired no one can stop me. Well, at least sometimes.

Here she is. Giulia. A flower among flowers.

Sicily sunrise

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More about Brums. Here are some off-the-catalog-shots, all taken in Sicily (by the way, while I was there I put up 3 kilograms, but it was worth it!)

I have never seen such a beautiful light as the one I found there. As everyone knows the Sicilian seaside is wonderful. What really amazed me, though, were the renowned island salt pans. After taking photos of that girl on a salt hill I could’t resist the temptation to join her!

Through a mirror

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I’ve always been fond of mirrors. They have powers: they can create a new world – reversing left and right – a new space, even a non-place where who’s in front of the mirror is not at. Mirrors can show a place that seems real but actually isn’t.
They can create a parallel reality, silent and suspended, where everyone can look at themselves, recognize or refuse to recognize themselves.
Gaia, looking at herself through a mirror, making friends with another herself.

Exhilarating moments that won’t be forgotten

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Sometimes a photo can be so meaningful that leaving it sitting at the bottom a desk drawer is a real pity.

Let’s take a step back in time.

While I was choosing the Brums collection photos that I would post on my website I came across a few shots that I had completely forgotten about. Shame on me. How could I forget the English lady who saw our crew, rose from her sunbathing towel, stood right next to me and started to take photos of our kids? I was not able to say a word. We all stood there, looking at her, surprised and amused. More amused than surprised actually. She was really into it, experimenting with perspective and angles. She was so focused that she almost stepped on my feet and didn’t even notice it. So focused that she didn’t see that I quit aiming at the children and started to take pictures of her. You can find some of those shots below.

At some point she even looked at me and asked me if I could move a little as she would be able to take better photos from the place where I was standing. Well, I just made that up. What a pity!

Anyway, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll create a new gallery album and I’ll name it “Exhilarating moments that won’t be forgotten”.

That’s all folks. See you soon!

Interview with “professor” Silvia

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The new Baby Fashion issue is out. Every month this magazine publishes an interview with a Kids Fashion Photographer. This month it’s been my turn. You can find the interview here. Please take a seat and read it because, unlike the usual, I think I even said a few serious things!

In case you didn’t get it after reading the article I’ll say it again: I love my job!

One more thing. A few weeks back I started to contribute to the Total Photoshop portal. They’ve made me a “Professor” and to fit the role I’ve decided to grow a mustache. Alright, that was the silly joke of the day.

I had already been asked about my job by Total Photoshop a few years ago. You can find that interview here. Now they’ve asked me to deliver some tutorials on portrait photography.

The first one is dedicated to the greatest masters of portrait photography. Avedon, Irving Penn, just to name a few. I am aware that listening to someone who talks about the theory and the history of photography could be a little “boring”, but one can’t possibly think of becoming a portrait photographer without knowing something about the greatest portrait photographers of the past.

In case you decide to watch this video I got to warn you: I am not yet totally at ease in front of a (video) camera. It still feels kind of awkward being on the other side of the lens and having to talk and talk, trying to say something that makes sense, without losing the thread and avoiding grammatical mistakes.

I have to admit that it makes me feel nervous, my stomach shrinks, breathing becomes difficult and I can hardly listen to what I’m saying. Don’t worry though, everything else is fine.

Anyway, I’m working on it, and I’m sure I’ll get over it soon. It’s a challenge that I want to face and win, because I’m determined to share my knowledge and my passion, and nothing will stop me.


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A few days ago the “Spazzatura kilometrica in cortocircuito” (Short-circuited endless garbage dumps) exhibition was officially inaugurated. That was before Easter, the Colomba cakes and the food and wine marathon I did run in Padova. No wonder I wrote about the event more than ten days after it was actually held! You can find attached one of the articles that have been published in the local papers in the last few days.

The list of the things that contributed to make my exhibition inauguration day a special one is actually endless. I want to thank all the people who supported, advised, helped and encouraged me when I was organizing this project…all the mums, dads and kids…the Associazione On for planning the event and giving me a chance to teach the Cuasso Junior High School students the basics of photography. I’d like to thank the Ghiggini Art Gallery for being helpful and making us feel welcome and Philip Abussi for his priceless comments. I want to thank all the sponsors and all those people who actually came and see the exhibition (and those who would have liked to come but couldn’t make it).
 I want to thank Francesco for taking this picture, the best one among many. In the eyes of my dad, pierced by so many tears, I could get a glimpse of my mum’s sweet smile. That’s probably going to be the main reason why I’ll always remember this day.