Exhilarating moments that won’t be forgotten

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

Sometimes a photo can be so meaningful that leaving it sitting at the bottom a desk drawer is a real pity.

Let’s take a step back in time.

While I was choosing the Brums collection photos that I would post on my website I came across a few shots that I had completely forgotten about. Shame on me. How could I forget the English lady who saw our crew, rose from her sunbathing towel, stood right next to me and started to take photos of our kids? I was not able to say a word. We all stood there, looking at her, surprised and amused. More amused than surprised actually. She was really into it, experimenting with perspective and angles. She was so focused that she almost stepped on my feet and didn’t even notice it. So focused that she didn’t see that I quit aiming at the children and started to take pictures of her. You can find some of those shots below.

At some point she even looked at me and asked me if I could move a little as she would be able to take better photos from the place where I was standing. Well, I just made that up. What a pity!

Anyway, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll create a new gallery album and I’ll name it “Exhilarating moments that won’t be forgotten”.

That’s all folks. See you soon!