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Light & Shadow

1024 683 Silvia Coluccelli

Some of my favorite portraits shots in 2017 with this adorable little girl.

Chicco’s Campaigns

1024 683 Silvia Coluccelli

My pictures for the new CHICCO’s advertising campaigns.

Agency: Armando Testa Milano

Photographer agency: Doc Artist Milano

ADV Campaign

1024 683 Silvia Coluccelli

I’ve just finished taking the new ACS’s advertising campaign pictures.

If you happen to drive around Switzerland you will see some wall sized versions of those shots. The little model who posed for us is called Matthias and cars are his greatest passion. He had lots of fun working with us!

Advertising agency:

In Wonderland

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

Gusella’s SS16 catalog was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Alice’s story has the wonderful power to take you to a parallel universe, to make you travel with your imagination. When I was a child I used to be a dreamer and even now, sometimes, all of a sudden I start daydreaming. This might be the reason why Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite tales.

I started to admire Lewis Carroll – the novel’s author – back when I was a photography student. Besides being a mathematician, an inventor, a poet and a priest Lewis Carroll was one of the greatest photographers of the nineteen century. He loved to take photos of young girls and his greatest muse was Alice Liddel, the same Alice that inspired his famous tale and, more recently, our new Gusella catalog.

My new interview!

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

Here you can find my new interview on Uncò Magazine.

573. Silvia Coluccelli

I really love to talk about my job.

In this picture you can see me with Ginevra one of my lovely/ sweet/ model.

Many thanks to Sonia Marazia and to Uncò Magazine

Enfants Terribles Magazine

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

Enfants Terribles Magazine, new release.

I love contributing to this Danish magazine. The topic of the latest task we’ve been assigned is “Creatures of Light and Darkness”. It inspired me right away. Creating something new, playing with light and shade, chiaroscuros and reflections of imaginary places is something that I have been willing to do for a while. You can find a preview below and the whole photo shoot on the new issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine.

Photo / Silvia Coluccelli
Styling / Carlotta Borgogna
Hair and make up / Mariagrazia Cassano
Protagonist / Anita

thanks to -La Favia Four Room-


150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

Adele was looking at me, without moving. The decorations on the wall behind her were like a pair of wings.

Sometimes, when I’m working with kids, it feels like taking pictures of angels. That’s exactly what happened with Adele.

A flower among flowers

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

A few weeks ago all the trees around here were blooming. Looking at them I’ve always thought that it would be nice to take pictures of a little girl immersed in those scented clouds.

Days went by and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find the time to fulfill that simple dream before the blossom was over. One day when I was walking at the park I saw a girl and I asked her father if I could take some photos of the kid. When I feel inspired no one can stop me. Well, at least sometimes.

Here she is. Giulia. A flower among flowers.

Sicily sunrise

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli

More about Brums. Here are some off-the-catalog-shots, all taken in Sicily (by the way, while I was there I put up 3 kilograms, but it was worth it!)

I have never seen such a beautiful light as the one I found there. As everyone knows the Sicilian seaside is wonderful. What really amazed me, though, were the renowned island salt pans. After taking photos of that girl on a salt hill I could’t resist the temptation to join her!

Through a mirror

150 150 Silvia Coluccelli
I’ve always been fond of mirrors. They have powers: they can create a new world – reversing left and right – a new space, even a non-place where who’s in front of the mirror is not at. Mirrors can show a place that seems real but actually isn’t.
They can create a parallel reality, silent and suspended, where everyone can look at themselves, recognize or refuse to recognize themselves.
Gaia, looking at herself through a mirror, making friends with another herself.
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